Goodbye swirls

Paint Correction

The art of paint correction is the surgical refinement of your exterior surfaces to restore them to the highest possible like-new finish. Usually this entails the removal or reduction of scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, etchings and more. Our staff is highly trained and constantly updated in the newest techniques and technology to ensure proper refinement of your vehicle for the long term.

The shine you deserve

Relieve your vehicle from its old tired look. We can recondition your paint to “Like New”, and many times an “Even better than new” appearance. Paint correction restores gloss and reflectivity, and sheds the paint of contamination that can permanently damage your clear coat and cause paint failure. Book a free estimate, and ask us for a demonstration!


Every Paint correction service starts with a 100% hand wash, Chemical decontaminating Wash, Water Spot & Road film removal, Clay Bar, another wash & blow dry, tape off all sensitive areas and trim, measurements of your paint thickness as a guide to how deep we can correct your paint, varying measures of compounding and polishing to remove defects and refine the gloss. We then top it off with any of our 6 month, 1 year, or 3 year ceramic paint protections and coatings. We also polish all your glass, chrome, and restore any trim pieces. Lets not forget your door jambs and wheels & Tires too!



Light Paint Correction

Heavy Paint Correction