Is Your Dirty Car Interior Making You Sick? Literally, It Can Do Just That!

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Is Your Dirty Car Interior Making You Sick? Literally, It Can Do Just That!

Many people spend just as much time, or even more, in their cars as they spend inside their homes each day. Driving through the car wash is a great way to make sure your car stays shiny, but does a shiny exterior always mean that the car is clean? Absolutely not!

Failing to clean the interior of your car can not only leave your car looking bad inside, but it can also cause recurring illness because of a build-up of germs, mold and dust. This can be avoided just by cleaning the inside of your car once a week. Let’s look at what can creep into your car and lurk around unless you take time to do some deep cleaning inside just as often as you clean the outside.


Dust Mites

If you have asthma or allergies, the presence of dust mites can cause some pretty hefty problems with your breathing ability. These tiny creatures can’t be seen but they can wreak havoc on your lungs if they aren’t removed promptly. While many people who have allergies or asthma will work hard to make sure their living space is clean and free of dust mites, people tend to overlook the interior of their car. Taking time to vacuum your carpet upholstery and floor mats just one time each week will considerably reduce the amass of dust mites you probably have creeping around your car.

It is also a good idea to keep a supply of towels in the car to quickly wipe up spills before they have time to sit. Dust mites love spills because they feed off them and when they have a steady source of food, they are not going to wander away. To combat this, keep spills wiped up and be sure to take time weekly to give your interior a deep cleaning at the car wash.



Did you know that at any given time, your car can have hundreds of different germs lingering on the gear shifter, steering wheel, window and lock buttons and every other touchable surface? Surfaces like vinyl and leather need to be cleaned frequently to not only remove unsightly dirt, grease or other grime, but to remove dangerous germs.

Have you or someone who rides in your car stayed sick with a cold or other illness this year? If so, it could be because you have not worked to keep the inside of your car as clean as it should be. You should keep hand sanitizer handy in the car to use when you exit the car, but to be safe, your car must be cleaned.

According to DrivePur Protection Systems, the steering wheel of a car has more germs than a public toilet seat. Nine times as many! That is a great deal of germs and should make you stop to consider whether steering your car is even safe to do with that number of germs possibly being on it. Just because it looks clean does not mean it is. The interior of your car needs to be regularly cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner to remove germs from the surface areas.



Mold does not just look bad, but it can cause a bad odor in your car and can be dangerous to breathe in. It can grow inside a car in the carpet as well as on the seats and other interior areas due to spillage and warm temperatures. Mold is a fungus and it grows fast and very easily. Most mold is just unsightly and may smell bad but is not a health risk. Other molds however, like black mold, can cause allergic reactions and in some cases, can be extremely dangerous or even fatal for people with mold allergies.

All it takes for mold to grow is moisture and a warm breeding ground. If your car is parked for a while and the atmosphere is just right, mold can grow quickly inside the car. It is best to avoid parking in dimly lit or dark places and you need to make sure all spills are not just wiped up but cleaned and completely dried before closing the doors and parking the car.

Often, when someone needs to have a car shipped long distance, it will be closed up and kept inside a warm container. During this time, mold can grow and must be cleaned before the owner can drive the car again. Be sure to have your car cleaned prior to shipping it or parking it for extended time periods. A1 Auto Transport has a guide to show you how to prepare a car and this can also be used at this link:


It’s easy to neglect taking time to clean the interior of a car. With busy lives, it’s easy to drive through an automatic car wash, but it isn’t quite that simple to take the necessary time to get out of the car and spend half an hour or more cleaning the carpets, seats, steering wheel and other interior areas. To keep germs, dust mites and mold out of the car however, it is very important to make sure you take time to clean the car or have someone clean your car for you at least every month. If you are prone to allergies or colds, keeping your car clean can help cut down on how often you sneeze and cough!

If this story BUGS you (see what i did there?), CLICK HERE to book our DrivePur sanitizing system for automobiles. Our DrivePur service removes odors, chemically seeks out and destroys mold, mildew, germs and more, and installs a photo catalyst protectant that will continuously kill germs on contact using only the sun . Yes, park your car out in the sun and the product will continue killing germs for up to 6 months after treatment. (Note: For optimum effectiveness, other cleaning services may be needed prior to using the DrivePur system, this is purely dependant on the vehicle condition and source of odors/germs, call us for details)







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