ceramic coating

Ceramic Coatings are a thin, semi-permanent film that chemically adheres to vehicle surfaces creating a layer of protection that resists the elements far beyond what a wax or sealant can. Surfaces treated with our ceramic coatings boast amazing slickness, gloss, water repellency, dirt repellency, and increased resistance to salts and acid rains. With proper care, ceramic coatings can last many years and increase your resale value.

Nothing but the best!

For the particular vehicle owner that wants to protect their investment with nothing but the best, look no further. Our experience with ceramic coatings dates back to 2013, before they were popular and everyone offered them. We have tried and tested many coatings over the years. Our goal was to ensure that we deliver a product that can hold up to our Hawaiian environment. We even went so far as to hire a chemist to make our own custom blended coating, specifically to combat our harsh climate that many other coatings can’t withstand. iCOAT Pro Version 3 was born, and is now our standard ceramic coating, offering unparalleled resistance to our Hawaiian elements.
ceramic coating honolulu
ceramic coating hawaii


Our staff goes through a very thorough list of tasks to ensure proper and safe application of the ceramic coating. There are no shortcuts here, a proper installation takes time & experience.
The pampering starts with a hand wash of the body, wheels and jambs – followed by a thorough decontamination removing water spots, road film, bird droppings, fallout, road tar, and old waxes and sealants. We tape off all your trimmings to protect sensitive areas and prevent caking polish, dust and debris into tight areas. We then use specialized tools to measure and inspect your paints thickness and condition, this ensures safe removal of defects without compromising your clear coat which may lead to long term damage. Our goal is to preserve as much factory clear coat as possible while simultaneously providing a surface that is as highly reflective and defect free as possible. Once the paint correction or enhancement has been completed, we prepare the paint for a proper bond by removing any oils or polish. We then apply the ceramic coating to your vehicle section by section, locking in and amplifying that highly glossed surface leaving you with a shine that will turn heads.


Disclaimer: Vehicles older than 2019 will require more work but we still have special services to make them like new again using re-clear coat services and vinyl wraps.

1 Year Coating

3 year Coating

3yr Coating Deluxe $1599-$2299

Add-on Wheel coating package