feel fresh

Detailed Life

Having a detailed vehicle is like a fresh haircut, it just feels good! Vehicles that live the detailed life are more valuable, healthier, and last longer. Recondition, Protect and maintain your investment with us, we provide cost effective detailing with an emphasis on surface protection.

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What is Detailing?

Not every detail service is the same. Detailing consists of a variety of services that are designed to surgically clean, improve, and protect. For the Exterior of vehicles that could include any combination of services like Ceramic Coating, Paint correction, Water Spot Removal, Head Light Restoration, Scratch & Chip Repair, Wheel repair, and more. And for the interior can include general cleaning, pet or sand removal, stain and spill removal, Disinfection, odor or mold removal, and bug removal and more.

We approach every vehicle differently, offering services that hit the spot!

EXPRESS Detailing

Exterior Express Detail

Starting at: $125 (1 HOUR) Passenger Cars $145 (1.5 HOURS) Trucks, Vans, & SUV's


Starting at: $110 (1 HOUR) Passenger Cars $125 (1.5 HOURS0 Trucks, Vans, & SUV's Without 3rd Row $145 (1.5 HOURS0 Trucks, Vans, & SUV's With 3rd Row

Signature Detailing

Exterior Signature Detail

Starting at: Small $200/Medium & Large $250/X-Large $300

Interior Signature Detail

Interior Only: S $200 - M/L $225 - XL $250

Luxe Detailing

Exterior Luxe Detail

Starting at: Small $400/Medium & Large $450/X-Large $500

Interior Luxe Detail

Starting at: Small $300/Medium & Large $350/X-Large $400