Hawaii's Premier Waterless Car Wash & Detailing located at Windward Mall and Pearlridge Center

Maintenance Services

About our Wash: We employ a specialized process to Wash & Wax your vehicle without the use of running water and without harming your paint. Unlike other Waterless car washes, we've developed a specialized hybrid wash process using high quality microfiber towels and paired it with one of the best Car wash products in the world. Our product will create a slick, smooth, and glossy finish that will not simply wash away in the rain or leave behind hard water stains. Each vehicle is washed using freshly laundered premium grade microfiber towels, never any harsh brushes or neglected dirty towels.

NOTE: Maintenance services are offered on a walk-in "First Come- First Serve" basis weather permitting. Appointments are only available for Ali'i Members. Our maintenance services are specifically designed for our members to maintain their vehicles post detail- although they may be used by first time customers when the vehicle condition allows. Please note, these services are "light cleaning", meaning if your vehicle is not regularly maintained, you will be turned down and offered an appropriate detailing service.

(S) SMall

Passenger cars, sedans, convertibles, coupes, small 2 door Trucks. 

(M) Medium

Compact SUV’s, Wagons, Mid sized 2 & 4 door trucks 

(L) Large

Crossover SUV’s with 2 row seating, Full size 4 door trucks 

(XL) Extra Large

 Full size SUV’s, Crossover SUV’s with 3 row seating, Mini vans, Hummers, Lifted trucks

Eco Wash Exterior

(S) $30 (M,L,XL) $35

-Waterless luxury hand wash & wax using Ultra-Plush microfiber towels
removes loose dirt & protects all exterior surfaces 2-4 weeks.
-Dry & buff to shine with Ultra plush Microfibers
-Wipe clean door jambs, gas filler door, trunk jamb
-Hand clean rims & Tires
-Tire Shine
-Applicable discounts for Monthly,VIP, & Ali’i Members
-Recommended monthly or as needed

Eco Wash Plus

(S) $45 (M, L) $50 (XL) $55

Eco Wash Exterior + 

-Vacuum loose dirt from seats, carpet, & mats
-Vacuum trunk (If empty of cargo)
-Clean all inside windows & rearview mirror
-Wipedown dash, panels, empty cupholders, and empty doorpockets
-Free Spritz of Air Freshener (Your Choice)
-Applicable discounts for Monthly,VIP, & Ali’i Members
-Recommended monthly or as needed

Eco Wash Complete

(S) $60 (M, L) $65 (XL) $75

Eco Wash Plus +

-Apply Satin UV protectant/conditioner to interior plastics and vinyl
-Rubber mat wash (If applicable)
-Applicable discounts for Monthly,VIP, & Ali’i Members
-Recommended every 2-3 mos or as needed

Vehicles with Leather/Vinyl seats add $10-15 for premium leather & vinyl protectant