Hawaii's Premier Waterless Car Wash & Detailing located at Windward Mall and Pearlridge Center

Detailing Packages

**Appointments are recommended for Detailing Services**

The term “Detailing” is a commonly used term used by professionals and clients alike, but there IS a definitive difference between a “Car Wash” service and “Detailing” services. The term “detailing” encompasses the combination of many layers of services that are specific, thorough, and carefully executed. Detailing services are time consuming, and requires extensive knowledge of automotive paint, vinyl, leather, glass, rubber, fabrics and plastic surfaces. Our detail packages will vary from approximately 3-4 man hours of labor to up to 20+ man hours, but because we staff up to 5 detailers on any given day, we can usually tag team a service in a fraction of that time. We selectively choose the most highly rated, boutique products from a variety of manufacturers to provide the best possible quality.. No Cheap showroom waxes or polishes are used here GUARANTEED! Our products are chosen to be safe and to last!

Combine Exterior & Interior Detailing packages for a 10% Order Discount

(S) Small - Passenger cars, sedans, convertibles, coupes, small 2 door Trucks. (M) Medium - Compact SUV’s, Wagons, Mid sized 2 & 4 door trucks (L) Large - Crossover SUV’s with 2 row seating, Full size 4 door trucks (XL) Extra Large - Full size SUV’s, Crossover SUV’s with 3 row seating, Mini vans, Hummers, Lifted trucks

Exterior Detailing

- Recommended every 6 months for vehicles in moderate to excellent condition as a way to reset to that “like-new” vehicle appearance
- Includes Eco Wash Exterior-package +
- Remove hand water spots from windshield & exterior mirrors
- Hand polish exterior metal surface (Excluding rims)
- Light clay bar paint decontamination
- Application of premium hybrid sealant wax
- Exterior molding & trim sealant (Satin-matte shine)
- Enrollment in VIP membership plan

S-$130, M-$160, L-$180, XL $200

- By Appointment only with 48 hour notice & $50 deposit!
- Recommended for vehicles with minor surface imperfections such as light hard water spotting, and light oxidation.
- Including Level 1 Exterior Detail +
- Light clay mitt paint decontamination
- 1 step paint reconditioning and polish
- Headlight Restoration & UV clear coating
- Remove hard water spots from all exterior glass & mirrors
- Hand apply Paint Sealant - a protective seal against ultraviolet rays, salt water, acid rain and other pollutants for up to 12 months
- Enrollment in VIP membership plan

S-$275, M-$300, L-$325, XL-$350

- By Appointment only with 48 hour notice & $50 deposit!
- Recommended for vehicles with major surface imperfections such as hard water spotting and scaling, Heavy oxidation and lack of gloss, swirls or scratches, and light to medium paint over spray.
- Includes Level 2 Exterior Detail +
- Heavy Clay bar paint decontamination
- An additional 1-2 paint compounding and polishing steps to ensure maximum safe defect removal and a perfected paint finish with intense gloss.
- Hand apply a premium Nano Paint Sealant with durability up to 2 years, increased paint hardness, and resistance to chemicals.
- Enrollment in Ali’i membership plan

S-$400, M-$425, L-$450, XL-$500

(All menu prices are plus Tax. Excessively dirty vehicles with be charged a fee Determined by management. We operate on a “First come - First Served” basis for all Maintenance services. Appointments available for detail package and for Ali’i members. We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. Price supersede any previous prices. We are open weather permitting, determined by management. Copyright On The Spot Auto Detailing, LLC - DBA Eco Wash Hawaii.)

Interior Detailing & Other

- 10% order discount when added to an exterior detail package
- Interior is recommended to be free & clear of all personal items
- Vacuum loose dirt from carpet and seats, under seats and crevices
- Wipe down interior with Eco-Friendly all purpose cleanser
- Clean inside windows, rear view mirror, and sunroof/moonroof
- Deep clean steering wheel, shift knob, and door entry kick panels
- Dust crevices and vents with soft brushes
- Wash rubber mats
- Free Spray of air freshener
- Hand apply premium interior UV protectant - lasts 2-3 months
- Vehicles with Leather or Vinyl seats add $10 (S,M,L,XL)

S-$55, M&L - $65, XL-$75

- 10% order discount when added to an exterior detail package
- Interior is recommended to be free & clear of all personal items
- Includes Express Interior Detail Package +
- 30 minutes added vacuum time for heavier sand or pet hair
- Deep clean & protect interior plastics and vinyl (Dash, Steering wheel, doors, armrests, cupholders, door entries, etc.)
- Vehicles with Leather or Vinyl seats add $30 (S,M,L) $50 (XL)

S-$100, M&L - $120, XL-$150

- The full service is by appointment only & $50 deposit
- 10$ order discount when added to an ext. or int. detail pkg
- Interior must be free & clear of all personal items
- Excess dirt and stains may be charged an additional fee
- There are no guarantees that stains or doors can be fully removed
- We do not offer handling cleaning
- Pre-treat fabric and agitate with brushes to loosen stains
- Hot water Extraction shampoo uses hot water to break down oils and stains and extract them from fabric (2-3 section passes)
- Mats only (One set) - S,M,L $40 XL, $55
- Carpet floor OR seats only - S,M,L $80+ XL $110+
- Carpet floors, seats and mats (one set) - S,M, L, $150+ XL $200+
- Fabric Guard - $40-80+
- Headlight Restoration & UV coating $25-40 per light
- Engine Bay Detail (top only) $40
- Motorcycle Wash & Wax $20
- Motorcycle Details $60-$125