Hawaii's Premier Waterless Car Wash & Detailing located at Windward Mall and Pearlridge Center

Luxury Car Wash & Auto Detailing at the Windward Mall & Pearlridge Center

Open 7 days a Week – Weather Permitting –
“First Come First Serve” for Wash & Wax Services & Appointments available for Detailing services

The EcoWash Difference

There is no shortage of auto wash’s and detailers to choose from. Anyone can visit a local auto parts store, purchase a handful of products and clean a car, apply wax and/or polish, and charge a fee for labor. Auto manufacturers use many different paints, plastics, leathers and coatings to build the vehicles of today, and there is no single product line, product, or technique that works for all of them. A reputable and professional detailer will have specific training and techniques to diagnose common and uncommon imperfections- like a doctor would for a patient, and have a variety of tools and products to treat and correct these imperfections- like a surgeon in the ER. But to top it all off, a professional detailer will have a variety of the highest quality finishing products to “lock-in” and protect their work, and follow up services available for clients to maintain their vehicles. This is what separates us from the pack, we look at every service like a Doctor would at a patient, understanding that not every customer is the same, not every vehicle is the same, and diagnosing and CORRECTING the underlying issues with the most up to date techniques and information available. The ONLY product we buy from auto parts stores is Rain-X, everything else is professional grade boutique products from a variety of world renowned manufacturers.


We professionally diagnose, clean, restore, and protect all the various automative surfaces

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ECOWASH HAWAII - Membership and Discounts

At Eco Wash Hawaii, one of our core services is in the long term maintenance of your vehicle. As a general rule, we like to recommend our Maintenance Services at least on a monthly basis to keep your ride clean and protected from the elements. We have created these FREE Membership discount groups, to help ease the cost. It's easy! There are no punch cards needed, or any record keeping on your end. Each vehicle is stored into our system with detailed records of previous services, and we will then automatically apply the discount to your order. 

(Note: In order to maintain membership discounts, you must use our services on each vehicle on a monthly basis. Due to weather constraints, we are not concerned with an exact dates... just January, February, March, Etc.)

Monthly Member

Jump right in to savings! After your first visit, maintain your vehicle with us on a monthly basis for an automatic 10% loyalty discount on Maintenance Services.

VIP Member

Purchase our Level 1-2 Exterior detail package for a 20% discount on Maintenance Services when you maintain your vehicle with us on a monthly basis & 10% Discounts on gift certificates.

Ali'i Member

Your VIP membership will automatically upgrade after 3 consecutive monthly visits -OR- Purchase our Level 3 Exterior Detail for a 20% Discount on Maintenance Services + Appointment setting with 24 hour advance notice. Maintain your Ali’i membership by using our services on a monthly basis. Apply your Ali’i discount to any vehicle in your household & 10% off Gift Certificates

How to find Us?

Located @ the Windward Mall in Kaneohe, HI under the Regal Cinemas Parking Structure Open 7 days a week weather permitting on a “First Come First Serve” basis for wash & wax services, and appointments available for detailing services Business Hours: 9:00am-4pm LAST CALL (unless we’ve booked full for the day) Please Call 808-282-5105

Located @ Pearlridge Center Uptown under the Macy’s parking structure near Bed, Bath, & Beyond 98-1005 Moanalua Road, Aiea, HI 96701 Open 7 days a week weather permitting on a “First Come First Serve” basis for wash & wax services, and appointments available for detailing services. Business Hours: 9:00am-4pm LAST CALL (unless we’ve booked full for the day) Please Call 808-282-5426

Frequently Asked Questions

An Eco Wash waterless car wash & wax is an Eco friendly alternative to using multiple gallons of water to wash your vehicle. Approximately 30+ gallons of water per car is saved by the usage of our system. Not only that, all of our waterless wash & wax products are environmentally safe and 100% biodegradable. Our Eco Wash Waterless Wash & Wax formula contains premium soaps, surfactants and lubricating agents, plus a special polymer wax formula. When sprayed onto the surface, the soaps and special lubricants will liquefy and dissolve loose dirt and grime on contact. We then use a damp, product soaked microfiber cloth to safely remove the liquefied dirt and clean the surface. Left behind is an invisible layer of polymers that dry to form a protective layer that repel dust and dirt for weeks. We then follow up with another clean and dry microfiber cloth and buff to a brilliant shine.
Depending on how busy we are, Many of our Maintenance Services can be completed in under an hour. Our details can take a few hours depending on the work to be performed.
Our Maintenance Services are “first come, first serve”. We accept appointments for detail packages and Ali’i memberships only.
Yes of course! We will park your car and call you when we’re finished!
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards. Sorry, we will no longer be accepting Cash or Checks.
Typically Monday-Thursdays are our least busiest days, so wait times are usually less. Weekends and Holidays are the busiest, especially when schools are on break.
Most of our waxes and sealants require some type of curing time, where it is not recommended to come in contact with water without affecting durability. On the days that appear to be frequently raining, we will opt to close.